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Due to the increase in banking operations on one hand and necessity of control and analysis of financial and banking data, there is a necessity of substructures for analysis of the distributed banking data in standard and system framework.

So, Data Mining Leaders Company, enjoying their banking experiences and data mining knowledge, has take a move to design and produce SIMA commercial intelligent system in accordance with the relevant standards including bazel requirements.

This system satisfies the needs of the banking society in the following five axes:


* Banking Risk Management:

Risk management process in this system includes assessment, evaluation, and priorization of banking risks in accordance with axesdefined by bazel. The major risks covered by this system are risk of credit, market, and operation.


* Customers’ Credit Assessment:

SIMA credit assessment is capable of calculation of customer’s numerical score based on statistical analytical data and customer’s data (personal information, transactions, employment status, and financial behavior).

Report of the customer’s credit assessment provided by this system, may be the criteria of financing and lending facilities.


* Detecting violation:

This systems capability of detecting violations is based on the defined patterns and acquirable online and offline.Some of the violations detectable by this system include suspected deposits, troubled loans, violation in e-payment cards and impersonation.


* Money laundering:

Capability of detecting money laundering operations in each steps of money input to the bank, superficial micro-transfers, accumulation of money are achieved according to categorization methods and phase inference in this system.


* General banking commercial intelligence:



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