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    Intelligent Card & Safty

Electronic Banking


Data Mining Leaders’ achievement; with a background more than 12 years in banking and e-payment, is a collection of completely native systems in electronic management area of payment and banking processnamed SIMA.
Cell Phone
Value-Added Services of Mobile Phone is applied to any service beyond sound talk. Today, most of the mobile phones operators worldwide try to satisfy their customers, providing different kinds of customers’ value-added services and ...
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Smart Card
Using different kinds of intelligent and electronic cards for various applications in increasing. Intelligent card; besides electronic transactions system, is considered as one of the efficient in Information Technology Industry.
Who we are?

Data Mining Leaders Company acts; relying on knowledge and experience of more than a decade of Data Mining Leaders, aiming to develop the market of interest in specialized areas and according to information technology. The collection of products, experiences, management and innovation intelligence in the company allows development of approaches, products, and services in the highest quality level which leads to value creation for the customers and market.



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