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Using different kinds of Smart and electronic cards for various applications in increasing. Smart card; besides electronic transactions system, is considered as one of the efficient in Information Technology Industry. Smart card can be used for all function requiring authentication, credit transfer, and registration of operations.

In this respect, Data Mining Leaders have designed a set of guidelines and products in order to satisfy the need of the great organization, municipalities, and electronic trade companies and their titles are mentioned below:


-          National solutions based on Smart card.

-          Safety solutions based on Smart card.

-          Organizational Smart card

-          System for issuance, personalization, and management of electronic ticket transactions.

-          Loyalty card



Data Mining Leaders; regarding market requirements and in order to achieve their goals , have produced and provided“sigma” digital sign management system in area of safety and digital sign.

This system has been efficient in encoding management process, issuance, and application of digital sigma in different kinds of banking systems; and provides the basic features of digital sign to banking systems.



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