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Value-Added Services of Mobile Phone is applied to any service beyond sound talk. Today, most of the mobile phones operators worldwide try to satisfy their customers, providing different kinds of customers’ value-added services and force them continue enjoying their services. Challenge in this field has been developed and become serious up to the pint that; today, most of the mobile phone operatorsin USA, Asia, and Western Europe receive a minimal cost from their customers for sound talks and vis-à-vis the most part of their income is achieved from value-added services.

Provision of these services not only allows significant income for mobile phones operators installation, but also it leads to desirable interest for the companies providing these services and the companies contracting with operators.

Therefore, Data Mining Leaders Company will effectively and sustainably appear in market through scientific study and developing their direction.


This company provides value-added services for operators and their customers,relying the technology:


-          Providing mobile value-added services based on USSD technology.

-          Design and implementation of software in STK SIM card.

-          Banking and Mobile E-payment.

-          Provision of mobile phone-based systems as software.




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